Who are we ?

Trustworthy (and friendly) employees at the service of your growth


Followers of win-win and end-to-end, our approach aims to be disruptive, comprehensive and fair at the same time

With more than fifteen years of supporting companies in defining business plans and executing them, leading complex alliances with high added value, particularly in Saas environments or directing indirect income for start-ups, on local or international scopes; today we want to offer a new approach to the profession.

Our values & beliefs


Corporate values are the basis of team behavior and customer experience.

In the Beaver team, our decisions and ambitions are guided by audacity and courage.

But our DNA is team spirit; we like to work together with respect and kindness. We work every day to satisfy our clients and partners.

The beaver is a « mammal-engineer » who works as a family to develop and build its habitat. For Beaver Partner, collaboration and teamwork are also essentials.

Our commitments

World Food program

Beaver Partner is also committed to the fight against hunger in the world by making a regular financial contribution to the World Food Program WFP (United Nations food aid organization).


Our little Beaver heart is also aware of the environmental impacts due to global warming. It ensures the preservation of the planet and tries to do its best to respect the environment and limit its carbon footprint. For example, this website has been designed « Low impact ».

The Beaver team

Jedi master

Sébastien Moreau

CEO & founder

Mohamed Doumbouya


Samantha Moreau

COO - Founder

Maureen Bucket

Junior Consultant

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