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Manage, optimize and accelerate each step of your Alliance strategy thanks to the support of Beaver Partner and the implementation of the PRM Impartner Software solution.

A fully SaaS solution, cloud compatible and multi-tenant.

Easy to adopt, quick to deploy, simple to customize.

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Beaver Partner supports you in structuring your functional needs.

Setting up a PRM is not a technical subject but a process and functional structuring project. Thanks to an integration roadmap, Beaver Partner advises you in structuring your needs and in choosing the most suitable solution.

We model and structure your partner issues through functional advices around the integration roadmap of your needs.

  • Definition of partner typologies
  • Modeling a partnership program
  • Definition of management KPIs
  • Definition of an onboarding program
  • Analysis of needs and rationalization of partner issues
  • Definition of a management and integration roadmap in the solution


Beaver Partner supports you in the implementation of the chosen PRM solution, in the implementation of your processes and models.

We configure the processes and the choice of information, structure the workflows, define a “Partner Journey” and an Onboarding program.

  • Definition of Onboarding processes
  • Definition and configuration of "tierings" and typologies of partners
  • Structuring of the Partner Portal
  • Implementation of the reporting application and compliance management
  • Implementation of notifications workflows

Change management

The implementation of a PRM for your organization is both an application issue and a usage issue.

Involvement of your teams & partners, communication plans, training programs… Beaver Partner supports you in managing change to make your project a success.

Because we know that the success of your PRM project depends on the involvement and synchronization of all parties, internal and external, we support you in the definition and execution of your change management program.

  • Defining a communication plan
  • Execution of the defined communication plan
  • Management of the keys to success and monitoring of uses
  • Defining a training model
  • Facilitation of training
  • Preparation of training materials
  • Execution of the training plan


Engage with a software vendor is part of a multiplication of contacts.

Choosing to acquire through a reseller optimizes the relationship with the vendor and simplifies engagement models.

Calling on a reseller means responding to issues of advice and proximity.

Beaver Partner is positioned as a trusted third party between you and the software vendor. This is why we offer you this end-to-end support, including the resale of the Impartner solution.

Calling on our firm for the acquisition of licenses is to ensure that you can improve and optimize your relationship with the vendor. Our partnership with Impartner gives us a privileged relationship to serve your challenges and your needs.

  • One contract for your entire PRM project
  • A single point of contact
  • A contractualization facilitated by your purchases with a single referencing
  • Definition of an end-to-end approach
  • A trusted partner to support you in your needs
  • A pricing policy as close as possible to your challenges
  • A permanent watch on the evolutions of the solution to support you in the upgrades
  • Consultancy on the evolutions of the solution to stay as close as possible to the expectations of your partners

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