Real growth accelerator, strategic Alliances & Partnerships are now an essential driver to respond to economic and business development challenges.

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Beaver Partner offers a complete quality offer starting with carrying out qualitative audits of the alliance and management models already implemented.

Audit of the maturity of the partnership relationship and the current management of your partnerships.

Based on quantitative and qualitative elements, we support you in carrying out an audit of your strategy and your alliances. The efficiency of the alliance, whether tactical or strategic, is directly linked to the revenue that this alliance generates for all parties.

  • Internal / external interview phases
  • Analysis of KPIs and previous results
  • Analysis of current programs
  • Analysis of the results of the existing partners’ ecosystem
  • Analysis of the quality of the relationship with partners
  • Analysis of the implemented engagement models
  • Audit report, recommendations


After an initial audit phase of your current Alliances’ management, Beaver Partner then offers to you the development and implementation of a new virtuous and ambitious strategy between your company and your future partners.

Whatever your expectations, it is important to develop a strategy regarding your ambitions. Beaver Partner supports its clients in the definition of Alliances strategies by identifying the drivers and key success factors through a model of sustainable alliances.

  • Increase your indirect business opportunities
  • Create sustainable and strategic partnerships
  • Work on your engagement models
  • Definition of a partner evaluation scorecard
  • Transform your direct sales force


Regarding your challenges, Beaver Partner offers to take charge of the exécution of your alliance strategy as Alliance Manager.

We support you in the structuring of alliance management activités considering your ambitions. Because we want to do more than just help you think about a strategy, and because we know how hard it is to enroll rapidly an operational Alliance Manager, Beaver Partner helps you with the operational management of your alliances and partnerships. Whatever the length of our commitment, Beaver Partner invites you to call on our teams As-a-Service allowing you to structure the approach and to temporalize investments.

  • Implementation of the defined strategy with the recruitment of partners
  • Meeting with partners, coverage and mapping
  • Activity monitoring with success KPIs
  • Enabling the Communication teams to work with the partners and highlight the joint offer
  • Providing advices and supports to Executives
  • Market and competition watch to adjust the strategy if necessary


The area of Alliances & Partnerhips is still a hardly known area of expertise; this is why the reskilling of your employees is an essential lever to overcome the talent shortage.

Beaver Partner offers you to improve the skills of your team members in order to ensure proper management of your partnerships in the long run. Many advantages in the area of social responsability, in particular through the protection of employment and the capitalization on corporate culture and your present employees’ skills.

Upskilling & Reskilling – make change an opportunity to acquire new skills.

  • Definition of the core competencies required
  • Setting up a crosskilling plan
  • Client-Partner relationship training
  • Salespeople’s upskilling in the area of Strategy through Alliances and Partnerships

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